Green Initiative

At Emerald Green Property Services Inc. we strive to be a ‘green’ company and do our part for the environment.  All of our excavation and disposal from your jobsite gets recycled at local recycling plants.

All dirt and sod that gets excavated from your property is recycled at a facility that will screen and reuse dirt towards new top soil and triple mix. This ensures we do not have to continue mining the planet for new materials that are available right in our back yard.

All planting materials that get removed from your property are recycled at a facility which composts all plant materials to be used as food for new plants as well as filler for new batches of compost fertilizer.
All concrete, old paver bricks and old gravel removed from your property is then taken to a facility where the materials will be crushed and re-used as “granular “b” recycled aggregate”. This allows new base to be used under roads and driveways with no extra environmental mining to the earth.

Old asphalt that is removed from your property is taken to a facility where they create asphalt grindings used for side roads and less travelled parking lots and drive lanes.